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Why We Love 4 Seasons LED Grow Lights

We’re aware that you have a lot of choices if you’re looking for LED grow lights in New Zealand. You might even spread your wings and check out international suppliers on the assumption that the grow lights from overseas are about as good as you can get.

But that’s not necessarily the case. Did you know that some of the world’s best LED grow lights are manufactured right here in New Zealand? They’re called 4 Seasons LED Grow Lights - made in Auckland, used by residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout the country, and proudly supplied by us.

Why we suggest 4 Seasons LED Grow Lights?

4 Seasons LED Grow Lights are local products 

When it comes to providing hydroponic equipment in New Zealand, we strongly believe in keeping it local. Local products and local knowledge for local conditions: you don’t get any more local than that!

Our 4 Seasons LED grow lights are an important part of that philosophy. This Auckland company specializes in manufacturing high-quality lighting solutions that incorporate the latest LED technology.

Each component is built to the company’s own specifications and the finished product ensures plants receive the highest quality light. This is why our 4 Seasons LED grow lights are so popular with our residential, commercial and industrial customers. They like the fact they’re buying local, as well as the excellent results they get from their grow lights.  

With an assembly line in Auckland, every single 4 Seasons LED light is hand-built in New Zealand with local climate and regulatory standards in mind.

As lighting is such an important part of any hydroponics set-up, it’s vital that it is of the highest quality and provides optimum performance in different situations. Even in the sunniest settings, the addition of grow lights helps to create the right conditions for all types of plants to flourish.

After all, every single plant species needs light for the natural process of photosynthesis to occur and healthy growth to happen. The better the light replicates sunlight, the better the yield. That’s why we recommend our 4 Season LED grow lights to be an integral component of any decent hydroponic system. 

World class after-sales service and support

Another reason to buy local with 4 Seasons is the after-sales service and support. In the unlikely case of anything going wrong, it’s easy to get it all fixed up. And a quick call or email to us will give you access to a source of expert knowledge that will ensure you set up your grow lights correctly.

This sort of communication with overseas companies is not always possible, and as for their products? Let’s say we’ll take 4 Seasons LED grow lights any day!