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LED Grow Lights Are Efficient In Every Respect

At Herbal House, our customers often get in touch to ask us about the energy-efficiency of our indoor hydroponic grow lights. They have their power bills in mind, especially during colder winter months, so it’s a fair question. We’re happy to reassure them with our answer.

In our opinion, the LED grow lights we are so proud to supply to residential, commercial and industrial customers are the epitome of efficiency, and not just in relation to how much energy they consume. As far as being efficient is concerned, they’re real all-rounders. 

What’s the benefit of LED grow lights? 

When you compare them to conventional lighting, our LED grow lights are far more energy-efficient and longer-lasting.

When our customers are doing all they can to make it through tough times, particularly in this post-lockdown world, this means lower costs for electricity use and less frequent bulb replacements. This can make a very big difference to the bottom line of any home or business, and this is why we recommend LED grow lights as a smart investment for the long term. 

Operating temperature 

Because they generate less heat, LED grow lights have far lower operating temperatures than the traditional lighting sources we used to associate with hydroponics. Less supplemental cooling is required to keep plants happy and healthy, and it’s often the case that there’s no need to play around with room temperature at all.

As such, the costs of setting up cooling and ventilation systems as part of your hydroponics set-up can be greatly minimised or eliminated altogether. 

The spectrum of LED grow light vs Conventional lighting 

Another crucial area where our LED grow lights differ from others, and mark themselves out as being even more efficient, is their spectrum.

Conventional lights tend to emit a lot of green and yellow light, yet plants generally only require very little of this light to perform photosynthesis and other biological functions. This is just a waste of energy. 

On the other hand, our LED grow lights can be spectrum variable—meaning there’s an option to adjust intensity levels for each colour of the spectrum—or they can be specifically manufactured to radiate a more usable spectrum for specific types of plants.

LED grow lights contain enough of the yellow and green light spectrum, but not too much that precious energy isn’t wasted on giving plants more yellow and green than they actually need. 

So when you contact us to ask about the energy-efficiency of our LED grow lights, don’t be surprised if you give you a more well-rounded answer! These lights are efficient in every possible way, and represent a superb investment for anyone setting up a hydroponics system.