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Why Trellis Netting Is Important


Our most experienced clients will tell you that trellis netting is a very important part of their hydroponics set up. As leaders in general hydroponics in New Zealand, we’ll tell you exactly the same thing. So when you come to us for hydroponic supplies in NZ, don’t forget to ask about this crucial accessory.

Many beginners in the field of hydroponics think that their plants will grow up and naturally do their own thing. They overlook the advantages of trellis netting and how it can create better growing conditions and healthier plants. Commercial indoor growers in particular use trellis netting for this very reason but we see many ways in which smaller growing enterprises can benefit as well. 

Why need trellis netting in indoor growing? 

Train the direction you want plants to grow

For a start, trellis netting will train the direction you want your plants to grow. This gives the leaves on each plant plenty of room to grow and thrive and allows them to access optimum light and air circulation which are vital in the growing process. 

Lower the pressure on stem when added weight

Our trellis netting also helps support the plants in your grow room, and the weight of whatever it is you hope to cultivate. As plants begin flowering, the stems will become stressed from the added weight, and without proper support, the stems can snap. Trellis netting will prevent this from happening but don’t settle for cheap and flimsy products. The netting should be strong enough to manage added weight as your plants come to fruition.

Flexible on planting vertically or horizontally

Another benefit of using trellis netting in your grow tent is you can grow plants vertically or horizontally depending on the dimensions of the space you have to work with. For example, if you have limited height in your grow room, you can implement a horizontal trellis system to create a wider canopy rather than a taller one.


What's the benefit trellis netting brings to the vining crop? 

Trellis netting is traditionally thought to be best for vining crops because it provides ample space within the leaves for easy access to the crop, but it is strong enough to bear the weight of the entire plant. But again, go with the high-quality grade we sell because vining crops are heavy, and you need netting that can fully support that weight without sagging or falling.

We have two styles of trellis netting here at Herbal House. Your traditional string-like trellis netting that you cut to a size to fit your grow space and the more pliable elastic trellis netting. This elastic plant trellis netting comes in multiple sizes however one size is able to stretch and fit a multitude of tent sizes and has pole-friendly clips that stop the netting from moving around.

Whether you’re growing vine crops or anything else, we believe that trellis netting has a big role to play. If you’re still unsure of the benefits it can bring to your hydroponic growing operation, get in touch with us and we’ll discuss its many advantages with you.