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How Hydroponics Helps The Living Planet

If you want hydroponics supplies in NZ, come to us. If you want to save the natural world - come to us!!  We’ve just read the World Wide Fund For Nature’s Living Planet Report, and while it paints a devastating picture of what human animals are doing to the rest of the creatures we share the planet with, it also proves that hydroponics needs to be embraced on a wider global scale. When that happens, we can begin to restore wildlife to their natural habitats - if it’s not too late.

The global populations decreased nearly 70% 

The report is scary to read. It states that the global populations of mammals, birds, fish,  amphibians, and reptiles have decreased on average by 68% between 1970 and 2016.

It also says that ongoing and unfettered environmental degradation including deforestation, unsustainable agriculture and the illegal wildlife trade can contribute to virus outbreaks.

The consequences of ecosystem destruction 

The destruction of ecosystems has potentially catastrophic consequences; one million species including 500,000 animals and plants, and 500,000 insects face extinction over the coming decades and centuries. As you’d expect, it is human intervention that is largely to blame for this dire forecast.

The world’s human population has doubled since 1970. At the same time, the global economy has increased fourfold. In our desperate rush to feed people, we’ve converted pristine native habitats, like forests, mangroves and grasslands into agricultural systems. One-third of the planet’s terrestrial land surface is now used for cropping or animal husbandry, while 75 % of available freshwater resources are used for crops or livestock.

According to the report, all of this human enterprise currently demands 1.56 times more than the amount that Earth can regenerate, As they say in the report: “It is like living off 1.56 Earths.”

Carbon emission in New Zealand 

While it is easy to sit back and lay blame at the feet of the world, we’re not exactly total environmental angels here in New Zealand. Globally, we are one of the largest emitters per capita for carbon, and 4000 of our native species are endangered. We need to join the rest of the world in pulling our socks up. 

Hydroponics can make a huge difference 

Wider global acceptance of hydroponics could make a huge difference. For a start, crops can be grown anywhere. We don’t require pristine agricultural land - we could produce a maximum yield in a facility set up in a parking lot!

Hydroponics would provide a far greater crop output than conventional growing methods in much less space, regardless of factors like the changing climate. Temperatures and nutrients can be controlled to produce near-perfect crops, while the water use associated with hydroponics is up to 90% less than traditional agriculture. 

When you take all these factors into account, it’s clear to see that hydroponics has a massive role to play in correcting the imbalance that currently exists on our planet. One by one we can make a difference, and if you want to do your bit, contact us and we’ll help you get started.