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Fabric Pots vs AutoPots

As pioneers in NZ hydroponics supplies, we sell some of the most advanced equipment to serious growers all over the country. Our indoor LED Grow Lights would be the best example of that.

But there’s also a very down to earth aspect to what we sell and that is best illustrated by our fabric pots and our AutoPots. So, what are they, what are their respective benefits, and what are their biggest benefits? Let’s take a closer look.

Benefits of fabric pots 

Our fabric pots deliver a number of benefits: a natural air pruning effect, better root temperatures and thorough oxygen supply to the roots. All of these things combine to increase yields.

With fabric pots, when the plant roots reach the container's edge, the root tips become trapped by the porous fabric. As a result, when the tips meet the air on the outside of the pot, they are naturally pruned to create a more effective root system within the pot.

This process promotes the lateral branching of fibrous feeder roots, which are more productive in the uptake of water and nutrients. This all results in healthier, more robust plants that use the entire root zone for optimum growth. Not a bad result for a humble fabric pot! 

Benefits of Autopots 

Our AutoPot starter kit is a different thing altogether but, just like fabric pots, it offers a long list of benefits.

An autopot is a self-watering system which releases just the right amount of water and nutrients to your plants without you having to worry about it. All you need to do is top up the tank/reservoir from time to time.

Furthermore, autopots require no electricity, timers or pumps to operate - they rely on gravity in the vast majority of cases. As such, they can be left unattended for a good length of time making this type of growing set up ideal for people who can’t look after their plants day in, day out.

Plus, the modular design makes an autopot system compact and well suited to smaller areas. The AquaValve 5 we sell has been improved by the addition of a huge 5mm AQUAvalve inlet which can accommodate the more diverse range of nutrients now favoured by New Zealand hydroponic growers. The larger fittings and pipework deliver a significantly faster flow to the modules for an improved fill with minimal maintenance.

In hydroponics, you can keep it relatively simple and still enjoy great results. Our pots are proof of that. To find out which type is best for your individual growing requirements, get in touch and we’ll go over the options with you.