Grow Kit - Stage Three

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For the ambitious indoor gardener looking to "branch" out

Package Includes :

  • 2 x 4Seasons LUMA 1200 Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light OR 2 x 4Seasons PARmax400 LED Grow Light
  • 220 x 120 x 200 Eclipse Grow Tent
  • 150mm Centrifugal Fan with built-in speed controller
  • 150mm x 600mm Carbon Filter
  • 150mm x 10m Ducting with clamps
  • Thermometer Hydrometer
  • Timer
  • LED Filtering Glasses
  • Adjustable LED Hangers

Stage Three offers more light per foot of tent space than both previous kits! Running TWO 1200w LED Panels is sure better than just one. Combining both high output panels in an Eclipse 220cm x 120cm tent will see your favourites flourish!

Simple installation and operation, with reliability for years to come.
Daisy Chain the lights together for an easy setup.
Carbon Filter size has increased to accommodate faster air flows and more frequent air changes with the larger growing environment. 

2 x 4Seasons LUMA 1200 Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light

The LUMA 1200 COB LED Grow Light has a flawless performance record for providing consistent lush results, featuring true full spectrum 3500k White Light COB LED Chips offering to maximise your growing potential. Its effective size and layout of the 90degree optical lenses give you an increased light penetration while also evenly spreading the light over a larger space than previously possible.


2 x 4Seasons PARmax400 LED Grow Light

4Seasons Have created a seamless combination of powerful LED chips creating an unmatched grow engine, utilizing a combination of top-tier USA selected LED manufacturers CREE and BRIDGELUX performance chips. The SOLO range panels are a bold move into higher grow performance and quality returns.

Eclipse Grow Tent : 220 x 120 x 200cm

  • Front door panel with easy access
  • Front door window panels with blackout velcro covers
  • Heavy-duty, easy-glide zippers
  • High-density outer material
  • Military-grade mylar inner
  • Side access door
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Extra spill tray flooring
  • Steel support poles
  • Steel pole joiners
  • Upper Air Duct outlets with drawstrings
  • Lower Air Flaps - Assist with heat transfer from grow lights
  • Plumbing outlets with drawstring
  • Power cable outlets with drawstring


1 x 150mm Inline Fan with built-in speed controller

Our fans are tested to handle extreme humidity and temperature fluctuations with non-stop run times. Long lasting electric motors with low resistance bearings offer a low power consumption and a reliable fan to do the hard work day and night. 

1 x 150 x 600mm Carbon Filter

PURE Air is the gold standard of carbon filters.
Activated carbon filters used in hydro setups are the most effective means of cleansing the extract air of all unwanted odours.

We encourage kit customization should you be looking for something a little more tailored, please get in touch with the Herbal House team to see what deals we can offer!

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