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Herbal House Customer Reviews

Over 1,000 5-star ratings on our website from genuine customers and 250 + review on Google by verified users.

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Herbal House Customer Reviews

Over 1,000 5-star ratings on our website from genuine customers and 250 + review on Google by verified users.

Over30,000Happy Customers and Counting

Based on 2467 reviews
38L Fabric Pot
Z (Auckland, NZ)
Herbal’s is the best

Wont be going back to plastic pots. Once again herbal house with the best service and quality products I’ll be back for more

600w MH Lamp
Sammy B. (Springston, NZ)
100% Awesome!

I love Herbal house would recommend it to everyone! Great bulb!

Goliath Veg & Bloom Package
Anon (Auckland, NZ)

Awesome product, Awesome results. Using it with coco, and the suggested amount of measurements onthe back. No need to half the amount (personal choice) started with half the amount printed on the label and found it wasn't enough for me so increased to the full suggested amount, having amazing results

4Seasons HELIOS 640x LED Grow Light
Anonymous (Auckland, NZ)
Quality 🤌

Quality and price on point. Amazing spread with this new style results are showing big time.
will be upgrading my other older style helios bars to the newer style soon

100mm Inline Fan Package
vaughan a. (Christchurch, NZ)
100mm inline

works good thought it would take more heat out to but its all good will get a duct fan when have the funds cheers guys

Close encounters

Eye opening , it worked great


I use this to remove heat from crypto mining rig. Very powerful fan, moves a lot of air. Not super quiet, but that doen't bother me for my purpose.

Very Fast service and good Product,

Microscope 60x-100x
Pedro S. (Gisborne, NZ)
Micro awesome

Bloody great wee gadget,
Amazing seeing things up close,
Very accurate way of knowing when to harvest 👆✌🍻

Super leds

Working excellent good growth far less heat will be buying more highly recommend good quality, quick delivery as always also.

200w Quantum PAR LED Grow Light
Vaughan P. (Auckland, NZ)
Good quality

Seems to be good but didn't have the 4 seasons labeling on the light side but I assume it's meant to be like that

4Seasons - LUMA 800 LED Grow Light
Pete F. (Auckland, NZ)

Great product
It’s easy to install and use. I’m playing around with the dimmer to achieve perfect conditions for several ferns I’m growing
I’m aiming at an environment suitable for most house plants.
Ferns are sensitive to light and water
I can keep and or regulate the temp which is important with ferns and unlike the bulb ,I was using ,the plants do not get burnt or dry out redilly
I’m pretty happy so far
Cheers guys

HPS Starter Grow Kit
Pete (Auckland, NZ)

Happy as with the product you guys never fail to produce the goods and super fast delivery too.

HPS Starter Grow Kit
Terry S. (Auckland, NZ)
Grow house

Thank you for your prompt response despite the Christmas break ,everything was as requested and dispite a small issue things were quickly resolved.
These are good quality items and simple to set up ,
Quality, service and quick response, can’t complain about that.

HPS Starter Grow Kit
Lloyd B. (Whangarei, NZ)
HP's full set up

First and foremost I'd like to thank Matt and the team for hooking me up with a wicked tent setup and fast delivery too. Will definitely be buying more product as it is high quality growing equipment. Thanks again talk soon.

Drying Rack
Anonymous (Auckland, NZ)
Impressive service

Ordered 3 days before Xmas so wasn’t expecting it to arrive until after New Years but it arrived Xmas eve. You guys rock! And the rack makes things easy and convenient. A+!!

P.s. like another review says. ‘Be careful opening, it’s like snakes in a can.’ .. it comes with a cool bag if you can work out how to get them back in it.

Better than expected

The T4 is more than adequate in an 80x80, 400w hps. I popped on a silencer and my circulation fan was louder. I'm running it between 40%-80% in summer.
The app is handy

Samsung LM310B

Awesome upgrade plants loving it so relaxed & great cover just so happy. Very little power usage & less heat!

200mm AC INFINITY Cloudline T8-Series
Julie D. (Tauranga, NZ)
Infinity Cloudline T8 Series Fan

Wow!! The power the conviency of being able to check temp, humidity & adjust fan speed from your phone! Truely is amazing & still exploring with it! Thankyou Herbal House

Herbi’s All Natural BLOOM Booster 2-8-4
Mateaenga. M. (Auckland, NZ)
Bloom Buster

Hi so I purchased 2-8-4 bloom buster for my plants, and they absolutely love it, great product for all types of use cheers,, I've been using it for 2 weeks, and the results are unbelievable, 😊 I Recommend to all,

Wonderful Light, Excellent service.

Works a treat, another excellent product working like a charm & great customer service. Thank you Herbal House.

A L. (Masterton, NZ)
Ph pen

Fantastic product very helpful and simple to use

150mm Plastic Wrapped Ducting
Anthony L. (Auckland, NZ)

Very happy

Microscope 60x-100x
Shanon G. (Auckland, NZ)

Was good once I could get my hand steady enough

Eclipse ELITE Propagation Grow Tent

Sturdy construction easy to assemble. Herbal house is the place for all your quality equipment.