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Potassium Silicate Supplement - Goliath Nutrients

Potassium Silicate Supplement - Goliath Nutrients
Potassium Silicate Supplement - Goliath Nutrients
Potassium Silicate Supplement - Goliath Nutrients
Potassium Silicate Supplement - Goliath Nutrients
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Potassium Silicate Supplement - Goliath Nutrients

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As a supplement, Potassium Silicate has numerous benefits, Silicon containing compounds are valuable to a plant, and serve to support the plant Stem thickness. The plant also becomes more tolerant to drought and resists wilting, you will get larger leaves and fruit (because the stem can support more weight). The thicker cell walls of the plant also provide an added mechanical resistance to sap sucking insects (Spider Mites) and various pathogenic fungi like Powdery Mildew.

Crops grown with potassium silicate have higher chlorophyll concentrations in their leaves than crops grown without them. More chlorophyll means more power to use the nutrients in its environment to reach its maximum size and production. 

Crops are also healthier for anybody who consumes them. When toxic heavy metals like lead and arsenic are present in a growing environment, they travel up plant roots alongside the nutrients the plants need. Everything the plant takes in ends up in its final product.

Potassium silicate or silica keep heavy metals from reaching crops, by creating a rock solid barrier around plant cell structures



  •         Use 1 ml per litre of clean water each time the reservoir is renewed, or if the system is recirculating add the 1ml per litre weekly.
  •         When renewing a full tank, add the potassium silicate to the water first and then pH correct to approx. 6.0. Then add your nutrients, mix well, and correct the pH to your desired level.
·         If adding to a recirculating system you should dilute the Potassium silicate 10:1 with water before adding it to your tank. For example, if your reservoir is 100L, First add 100ml of Potassium Silicate to 1Litre of water then add to your tank, followed by your additional nutrients, finally correct the pH to your desired level.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Philip P.
Green fairy

Service and delivery time is epic can’t wait to start using this product thanks guys from Herbal House

Joe C.
Good for raising Ph leveled

I have just started using the silica so I can’t tell the Benefits to the plant but it is great for raising the Ph level of the water and nutrients. Just use a little at a time with a Ph meter to adjust the water Ph

Strong stems in the wind rain

My stems would snap if there were strong winds. Using this has almost eliminated that. Quick delivery and great service as always.

Has helped stem thickness and health

Thought I'd test it out on one plant with, another without. It was a 10 day old seedling that had grown too tall and fallen over after 5 days and all but died. Mixed in the Potassium Silicate when watering it over the following two days and it's now looking thicker / better / healthier than the other one which was just using basic water + normal nutrients. Have now included it with all the plants nutrient schedules, because even a small benefit there with stem thickness / growth can have good implications down the line!

Keagan W.

Well recommended product keeps plant's healthy and costumer service is at a high standard as usual thanks again

Jarray K.
Tastes good

the plants are loving it!

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