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The Simple Logic Behind Carbon Filters And Why You Need One

Growers point to something like an LED indoor grow light as being an essential part of any hydroponics set up and we certainly won’t disagree with that. But in its own way, a carbon filter is just as important. Here’s why you should consider investing in one as part of your grow room or grow tent

Why need a carbon filter in a grow room? 

The air surrounding plants in a grow tent or grow room will contain pathogens and strong odours, which you might not mind but your neighbours probably will.

Our carbon filters are designed and manufactured to neutralise those smells and remove and absorb impurities using a process called adsorption. Your neighbours won’t have a clue what you’re doing or what you’re growing so your set up will have minimal impact on their daily lives if any at all. As a considerate hydroponics enthusiast, that should give you great peace of mind. 

Difference between adsorption and absorption

Adsorption is similar to absorption in that it traps and takes in odour compounds; the difference between the two is that absorption results in increased mass and weight.

On the other hand, with adsorption, odour-causing molecules stick to the inside of the carbon filter without increasing its size, which leads to a longer-lasting filter.

Air carbon filters are installed alongside an exhaust fan and ducting system as part of a total ventilation package. The air is taken into the filter, with impurities and odours trapped inside the unit instead of spreading outside the growing area and potentially offending the neighbours!  

What is the other benefit of having a proper ventilation set up? 

That’s just one of the benefits of having a proper ventilation set up. Ventilation supplies fresh air from outside a grow tent or grow room and this delivers vital CO2 for your plants and ignites photosynthesis as a result. And, as you know, photosynthesis is where plant growth begins. 

We make it easy for our clients to incorporate ventilation into their hydroponics set up by selling complete ventilation packages which include fans, ducting and that all-important carbon filter. These packages are not as expensive as you might think- they’re highly affordable and represent a wise investment in the future success of your hydroponics enterprise.

Don’t get into hydroponics without such a kit - like a good LED grow light, they’re well worth it and will help you achieve the results you’re looking for. You’ll breathe easier too - and so will the neighbours!