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How to use light to improve plant growth

A quick guide to help get the most out of your Grow Lights

To get your plants to grow or flower in the way you want, will take a lot of trial and error. These mixtures of lights are called lighting recipes. Lighting recipes put the control back in the growers’ hands. Below are some simple lighting recipes to try, to see how your plants are impacted.

To enhance the growing process of your plants, growers should work with the lighting spectrum between 400-700m where photosynthesis is most efficient. Emitting a hyper red LED at 660 will offer the most light absorption. 

How to use light for green houses? 

Supplemental Lighting for Green houses

Recommendation: PF 10:90 - 10% Deep Blue 450nm, 90% Hyper Red 660nm

Supplemental lighting is when additional indoor LED grow lights are added as an artificial lighting to accompany the existing natural daylight. For example, in a greenhouse. Supplemental lighting must provide the most efficient way for the plant to absorb the photons it needs to grow. 

How to use light for grow tent and vertical farming? 

Indoor LED Grow Lights

Recommendation: PF 80:20 – 80% White CRI70, 4000K, 20% Hyper Red 660nm

In grow tents or vertical farming, there is no natural light. Therefore, all lighting must be artificial in the form of indoor grow lights. In order to use sole source lighting to enhance plant growth, a combination of hyper red and white should be used. The combination will create a bright white light and will allow the plants to perform other tasks as well as growing. 

How to use light to improve propagation? 

In order to start the germination process, seedlings need a high blue light 450nm. For extra support, you can also use a far red light at 730nm. 

Supplemental Lighting for propagation

Recommendation: PF 75:25 – 75% Deep blue 450nm, 25% Hyper red 660nm

When using artificial lighting as well as natural daylight, LED grow lights NZ should be set to produce light highly efficiently. This is typically with a 450nm wavelength. 

Indoor Grow Lighting for propagation

Recommendation: PF 35:25:25:15 – 35% Deep blue 450nm, 25% Hyper red 66nm, 25% White, 15% Far red 730nm. 

Multi-layer cultivation and vertical farms use sole source lighting. The light recipe should combine white light with far red. 

How to use light to improve plant flowering? 

A far-red lighting at 730nm is perfect for supporting the flowering process. By using a far red, you can change the perception of the time of day for short day or short night plants. This is ideal for growers who are looking to grow plants in all seasons. Indoor grow lights NZ can replicate daylight long after the sun has gone down. 

Supplemental Lighting for flowering

Recommendation: PF 20:60:20 – 20% Deep blue 450nm, 60% Hyper red 660nm, 20% Far red 730nm.

Additional far-red lighting helps to support the flowering process for plants that are in a greenhouse or do not get much natural daylight. 

Sole Source Lighting for flowering

Recommendation: PF 60:20:20, 60% White, 20% Hyper red 660nm, 20% Far red 730nm.

Sole source lighting makes it easier to control parameters that impact the flowering process such as the photoperiod. A high far-red content will also help to produce flowers when the plant is ready.

You can use the LED grow lights for sale at Herbal House to create a sole source lighting recipe that will help your plants produce the highest quality of flowering.

How to use light to improve plant fruiting? 

In order to fruit, plants need a high amount of energy. Therefore, you should provide them with a high quantity of light so that the photosynthesis process can be activated. 

Supplemental Lighting for fruit

Recommendation: PF 20:70:10 – 20% White, 70% Hyper red 660nm, 10% Far red 730nm

You’ll need a 660nm intensity when using supplemental lighting or the fruiting phase. An additional far red 730nm will also help support the creation of fruit when using in small amounts. 

Sole Source Lighting for fruit

Recommendation: PF 60:30:10 – 60% White, 30% Hyper red 660nm, 10% Far red 730nm

Highly efficient hyper red light, combined with far red and white lighting will help the plants and fruits to grow.

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