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How To Clean Your Grow Tent & Indoor Growing Equipment

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or are setting up your grow space for a new season of growing, it is vital that you know the correct way to clean up your grow tent.

Why does grow tent need proper maintenance? 

Cleanliness is incredibly important when it comes to monitoring your plant’s environment, as dirt or grime could potentially impact the nutrient or CO2 levels in the tent – or invite pests to feast on your new crops. 

Without proper maintenance, your grow tent could be home to fungi, insects (and their eggs) and other bacteria that are working against you. Which is why we’re sharing this quick guide on the correct way to get your grow tent squeaky clean. 


You can clean your grow tent with household products with a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide or bleach (the two together could be pretty toxic, so don’t mix them!). These chemicals are ideal for killing pests, without damaging the tent’s lining or your plants. Mix two tablespoons of bleach with water to create a low-concentrate solution in either a bucket or spray bottle.

A spray bottle is easiest for covering everything from the floor to the ceiling, but if you don’t want to have to remove your grow lights, it might be best to just use a bucket and cloth. 

How to clean a grow tent? 

Clean the floor, and corners of the grow tent with a vacuum so that no insects, eggs, or fungi have anywhere to hide. It’s recommended that you keep onto of the vacuuming – both at home, and in the grow space – so try to aim for two times a week

Give the tent a good wipe with the cleaning solution with paper towels or a clean cloth. Then, you can allow it to air dry. It’s always worth using gloves and goggles when using chemicals, to avoid irritations or burns. You should also ensure the room is well ventilated as the fumes from bleach can be pretty strong.

Even if you’ve only just bought your grow tent, it’s always good to clean it properly before use. 

The vents of the grow tent (both at the bottom and top) can also be cleaned using either a cloth or vacuum. Pay close attention to anything that’s caught in the mesh or in the Velcro. 

How to clean fabric plant pots? 

If you’re using fabric pots for your crops, these can be cleaned using a hose or tap, then placed in the washing machine with bleach. Rinse thoroughly to ensure none of the bleach is left over. 

How to clean a hydroponic irrigation system? 

You should aim to clean and sterilize your irrigation system between growth cycles to avoid grime building up. This can be done after harvest and before planting your new plants. Wipe down the reservoir and trays/buckets inside and out with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. You can let these air dry, too. 

How to clean intake fan filters? 

If you’re using an intake fan in your grow tent, you should try to clean the filters so that contaminants don’t get chance to enter the grow space. Filters are great for trapping things and stopping them getting in, but they do need regularly replacing or cleaning in order to keep working. If they’re not replaced, the fan will start to blow everything back in – which is less than ideal...

Instead of buying new filters, you can often just bash the dust out and place the filter in the washing machine before putting back in place. 

How to clean grow lights? 

If your grow light has a reflector, you can use a soft cloth to wipe it down inside and out. A cleaning vinegar solution can help to prevent calcium spots growing on the light, too. Bulbs will likely only have a light sleeve of dust covering them, which can be removed with a dry cloth. 

Other equipment used in the grow tent can easily be wiped down when necessary. However, for the key components such as pots, fan filters and the tent lining, it’s important to stay on top of the cleaning, so that your plants have the optimum environment to thrive in.