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Air Filtration Kit For Grow Tents.


Experts in the field, AC Infinity, have recently launched their new air filtration system specifically designed for grow tents. If you’re looking to start your growing cycle quickly, this inline fan and carbon filter kit is your go-to option.
It’s ideal for both beginner and expert growers, and removes all the trial and error of finding different components in different sizes. The CLOUDLINE LITE inline fan along with their CLOUDLINE T series is convenient and of premium quality. Using a mixed flow design, the fan can be used in even the smallest of grow tents, making it perfect for those just starting out on their growing journey.
When it comes to cleaning the fan, both the impeller and blades are detachable so it’s much easier. Plus, the mounting base is made from plastic which helps to keep the noise and vibrations of the fan to a minimum.

The longevity of the T-series fans 

What's particularly incredible about this fan is its longevity. Built upon dual ball bearings, the fan can be used in any direction and can be run continuously for up to 67,000 hours. With the 10-speed controller, you can optimize your airflow levels throughout the growth cycle.
If you’ve been growing for a while, you’ll know how important filtering the air in and out of the grow space is. This air filtration kit comes with a charcoal filter within the inline fan that helps to block odors and contaminants leaving the grow space. Because nobody wants odors seeping into the house.  

The latest humidity and temperature controller 

Introducing: The Controller 67 Using the latest technology for humidity and temperature control, the new AC Infinity Controller 67 is here!
The newest arrival upgrades all the popular features of their previous models like climate-controlled triggers and dual fan support. However, this latest model adds even more features that make it easier than ever to stabilize your grow environment so your plants can thrive.

What’s the latest feature for Controller 67? 

Here’s a breakdown of the latest features:

Minimum fan speed feature

Minimum Fan Speed For growers looking to keep their ventilation on the go all the time, the controller 67 allows you to do exactly that.
Using the minimum fan speed feature, you can ensure your plants can get a constant stream of air using a default speed. The low fan speeds mean your plants can enjoy air that’s rich in the CO2 they need to grow.
This is also helpful for maintaining the right temperature within the grow space 24/7. All you have to do is set the fan speed on the controller. This will stop your exhaust fan activating when it’s not needed.

Dynamic Speed Transition

Dynamic Speed Transition Rather than having to monitor your growing climate yourself, the Controller 67 will do it for you. Set your target climate conditions and let the controller manage everything else for you. Each increase or decrease in fan speed will be activated only when a certain threshold has been crossed. All in all, this creates a much smoother airflow transition that reduces the risks of spikes and dips in your readings.

Timer Modes

Timer Modes The latest update now offers three different timers so that you have all the customization possibilities you can think of. The three timers are ON/OFF, Cycle and Schedule.
With these options, you can create a one-time activation for your exhaust fan, alternate between on and off or schedule different times of day to reduce humidity and lower temperatures.
If you’re looking for a way to improve your ventilation system, the Controller 67 is the tool for you. This temperature and humidity controller is compatible with Cloudnine, Airlift and Cloudray fan systems.
Cloudline T4 is voted the best on Amazon and here’s why. If you’re currently using the Cloudline T4, good news! You’re using the best of the best. If you’re not currently using it, here’s why you should make the switch!
This 4-inch inline fan has been found to be more energy efficient than other fans of its size, using only 40% of energy in comparison. This is particularly beneficial for hobby growers working at home who need to think about their energy bills.
Its EC motor also helps to boost efficiency. The T4 smart programming is particularly good for hydroponic growers. Operating the fan is simple and quick, and can be adapted to run silently (which is great for anyone who enjoys their sleep...).