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Where should I install a carbon filter in my grow tent?

Unless you’re growing a bouquet of delicious smelling lavender, it’s unlikely you’re going to want the odors from your grow tent to seep through into your living space. Certain plants can be particularly odorous, so it’s better to have something in place to trap all the smells before they exit the grow space.

What’s the best way to prevent odor seeping into your living space? 

The best way to do this is to use carbon filters.

Carbon filters are used across a whole range of industries from mortuaries to your favorite restaurant. They’re perfect for catching almost 100% of smells and contaminants, so they’re ideal for the home setting.

But where is the best place to put affix your carbon filter in a grow space, in order to capture as much smell as possible?

Where's the best place to put the carbon filter? 

In our opinion, the best place to put your carbon filter is inside the grow tent, at the beginning of the ducting you’re using.

This is probably the most common set up for your ventilation and filtering system, and is especially popular for anyone using HPS or metal halide lighting kit with ducting. By placing the filter at the start of the ductwork, there is less chances of any smells leaking out of the grow tent once it’s travelled through the ducting to the port.

Inline duct fans set up in this way tend to be more efficient, too. With this set up the fan can pull odors and hot air out of the grow tent at the same time, with fewer opportunities for anything to escape.

Other locations to set up the carbon filter 

If you can’t set up your grow space with the filter at the beginning, fear not, there are a few other places to affix it.

Installing the carbon filter to the outside of the grow tent is another option. Place it at the end of the ducting but use ducting tape to make sure the tunnel is completely sealed.

Alternatively, you can connect the filter directly to the inline fan if you’re not using hooded grow lights.

Wherever you place your filter, the aim is to get as much air as possible to pass through the filter before leaving the space. Ducting tape is your friend here, so make sure to keep everything as tightly sealed as possible!