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4Seasons -730nm Sleep Initiator LED Grow Light

4Seasons -730nm Sleep Initiator LED Grow Light
4Seasons -730nm Sleep Initiator LED Grow Light
4Seasons -730nm Sleep Initiator LED Grow Light
4Seasons -730nm Sleep Initiator LED Grow Light
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4Seasons -730nm Sleep Initiator LED Grow Light

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The 730nm Sleep Initiator by 4Seasons has been developed specifically to work alongside any indoor grow lights by the same brand as a result of the Emerson Effect study. 

What is the Emerson Effect?

The Emerson Effect was a study into how two photosystems that process different wavelengths can work together to increase the rate of photosynthesis in plants. The study exposed the chloroplasts of a plant to both a deep red and far-red light wavelength at the same time. By using both wavelengths simultaneously, the study found that the rates of photosynthesis were far higher than the rate usually found when a deep red or far red spectrum are used singularly. 

Indoor Grow Lights NZ

When both reds are used throughout the entire growth cycle, plant development and yield amount are significantly increased. The 730nm Sleep Initiator provides the necessary lighting mixture to promote the Emerson effect when used in conjunction with other indoor LED grow lights by 4Seasons.

How to Use the 730nm Sleep Initiator

Herbal House have several 4Seasons LED grow lights for sale online which can be used with the Sleep Initiator. In order for this light to work, it must be used alongside another lighting source within the grow space. 

The LED should be set to turn on 15mins before main lights turn off, with an additional 15 minutes running time at the end of the cycle when the main grow light has switched off. In simpler terms, the Sleep Initiator will be on alongside the grow light for roughly 15mins. After the grow light has timed out, Sleep Initiator will continue to be on for another 15 minutes.  

This brief period after the main light has switched off will put your plants to sleep at a much faster rate than typically seen. This means there is no time wasted and the plants can begin to photosynthesize almost immediately. 

  • Adjustable Hanger Included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
sweet light

Great service, fast shipping and another excellent product.
15mins both sides of on/off has been working like a charm for me.

J A.
Nice Product - Great service

They work a treat, each LED unit is capable of covering at least 1.2x1.2m, even when positioned offcentre. LED powered on 2 minutes before lights off and remains on for a further 5-7mins after lights off.

J O.
Lady's to sleep

Proffesional looking light top quality, great spread and we'll worth the price a must for all growers. Great service from team Herbal.


Good product highly recommend

Red light

awsome comunication easy to deal with noticeable difference .

david r.
Red Light

Happy with my sleep initiator have noticed the plants respond to this light addition by flowering at an accelerated rate .

myra c.
Light bar

Excellent communication quick delivery easy to contact love afterpay good productvthanks

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