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Monthly Giveaway!

 November GIVEAWAY!


Welcome to our all new and exciting monthly giveaway, this is a new concept we're trying to give a bit back to our customers as a thank you for your support over the years.

Each month we will be selecting different products from our range of Eclipse Grow Tents, LED Grow Lights, Ventilation Equipment, Grow Kits and much more to giveaway to a lucky visitor each month, we will be announcing the new giveaway at the beginning of each calendar month and will be notifying the winner by email at the end of the same month.

You can go in the draw a few ways, either sign up to our newsletter below or simply head over to our Facebook / Instagram page and follow the prompts on the giveaway announcement post each month.

For the last half of November 2020 we will be heading in to our second giveaway with our much loved 4Seasons LUMA 800 LED Grow Light to help with the upcoming heat we'll see this summer.