Making sure your plants have adequate ventilation is a key component of indoor gardening. Just as plants need light for photosynthesis, they also need a good supply of fresh air and carbon dioxide.

A ventilation system within a hydroponics setup will also help to prevent the growth of unwanted mould and mildew. Both can occur on plants and in the soil if your grow room has too much heat and humidity. The three main pieces of equipment to include in a ventilation system are fans, filters and ducting.

Exhaust fans or extraction fans remove hot and humid air from your grow room. Inline fans also include filters to purify the air. Ducting removes this air from the room. Oscillating fans circulate fresh air, which helps with keeping soil and plants in optimal condition.

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200mm Aluminium Ducting
200mm Aluminium Ducting
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Fan Speed Controller
Fan Speed Controller
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