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What makes a good Grow Tent NZ ?

Grow Tents NZ

When creating your indoor hydroponic garden, you’ll likely require a grow tent. A grow tent helps you to monitor the atmosphere using hydroponic techniques to give your plants the best chance of growing. Plants are incredibly sensitive, and require the right amount of nutrients, light and heat in order to grow, and using a grow tent can help you control these measurements throughout the plant’s whole life cycle. 

A hydroponic grow tent is typically made with a reflective fabric such as mylar or Polyethylene  so that the temperature within the tent can be maintained. 

In this guide, we’ll highlight key features to look for that can help your plants grow to the highest quality.

What makes a good growing tent ? 

When shopping for the ideal tent for your garden, it’s important to look out for these key features: 

Durable and high quality 

We often recommend a grow tent with either a silver mylar lining or white PE liner. In order to keep the grow tent to the correct temperature, you’ll need a durable, high quality material that doesn’t emit heat or light such as oxford cloth, this will typically come in either 210d, 600d or 1680d, this number does not relate to the thread count but actually quite the opposite, this refers to the density of each fiber. When your plants grow, and produce more foliage, the material will also need to be tear proof, so that the leaves don’t cause damage to the external tent. 

It’s also important to have a durable structure. Grow tents NZ are made using a series of strong metal poles and joiners. The poles will likely host several pieces of equipment such as grow lights, so will need to be high quality and hardwearing. Herbal House offers the 19mm poles and metal welded joiners to ensure each tent can support up to 80kg.

Ports and Zippers

If your grow tent is located within a communal area of the house, it’s important to make sure odours are kept inside. That means, you’ll need to ensure your ports and zippers are high quality. Good quality zippers are also vital for those that like to check on their plants regularly throughout the day. Low quality zippers will likely break or tear through constant use, this is probably one of the most common failures in grow tents, Eclipse Grow Tent has spared no expense here and only uses SBS branded thick tooth zippers to ensure they stand up to abuse and the test of time.

Ports need to be secure enough to allow you to connect your lights or fans to an electrical source outside the tent, while not impacting the light or temperature within the growing space. A good grow tent will offer built in ports, rather than you having to try and create these yourself.  alongside sturdy poles, SBS zips the Eclipse range has ensured that the grow tent stitch count has significantly increased along with utilizing double stitched seams and only using a continuous thread ( like nylon ) this will give the Grow Tent the absolute best chance to last the test of time over the years with gradual degrade.

Space for ventilation 

In order to create the perfect atmosphere for your plants to thrive, you’ll need to closely monitor temperature. To maintain an ideal temperature, it’s likely you’ll need to use a ventilator or fan system to regulate the amount of cool air coming into the tent, and the amount of warm air being pushed out. Therefore, your grow tent should offer ample space for ventilation. 

Mylar vs. White PE

One of the major discussions in the hydroponics Growing Tents industry at the moment is about White PE vs. Silver Mylar. Herbal House recently launched the POLAR grow tent series which uses a white PE lining rather than the traditional Mylar lining. 

Many brands are turning to white PE lining as it provides more light for the plants themselves. Although Mylar is a highly reflective lining, white PE absorbs the least amount of light, and projects it back onto the plants. With this extra light, your plants can benefit from high levels of nutrition and as a result, thrive and grow better. 

White PE is also more cost efficient for those conscious about power bills. PE lining allows you to get more efficiency out of the same amount of power as the lining absorbs less of the lighting than the mylar material. 

At Herbal House, we pride ourselves on offering our customers only the best hydroponic equipment available. That’s why our products constantly go through rigorous testing, and our staff take on regular research to understand the latest technologies and equipment.