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The Next Generation Of The QB Series 450W

Indoor gardening has become increasingly popular over the years, and with good reason. With the right tools and equipment, you can grow healthy, consistent, high-yielding plants all year round. The key to a successful indoor garden is having the right grow light, and the 450w quantum PAR LED grow light from 4Seasons has been through many generations of the years within NZ, providing world-leading results to our very own growers.

Samsung LM301H and OSRAM Diodes

At the heart of the 4Seasons 450W Quantum PAR LED Grow Light lie the prestigious Samsung LM301H and OSRAM diodes. Renowned globally for their excellence, the Samsung LM301H diodes, with a blend of 3000K and 5000K CCT, ensure the highest quality indoor grow lights available. This spectrum is carefully designed to cater to every stage of plant development, from seed to harvest, providing the perfect balance of light for photosynthesis.

The integration of OSRAM diodes at 660nm and 730nm wavelengths further enriches the grow light's capabilities. These specific wavelengths offer a pronounced focus on flowering and fruiting phases, enhancing floral density and development. This formation of diodes establishes an ideal environment for both vegetative growth and flowering, ensuring healthier and more abundant yields.

Full Spectrum Brilliance: The full spectrum coverage of the 4Seasons 450W Quantum PAR LED Grow Light ensures optimal light absorption for your plants, promoting robust growth at every stage.

Efficiency in Every Watt: With an impressive 2.7 umol/J efficiency rating, this grow light maximizes energy utilization, delivering more light to your plants while minimizing energy consumption.

Customizable Light Intensity: The dimmer control feature empowers growers with the ability to fine-tune light intensity from 0 to 100%. This level of control is crucial for managing plant growth speed and adapting to specific requirements.

Full Coverage: The grow light offers precise coverage for different stages of plant growth. For flowering, it covers an area of 120cm x 120cm, while for vegetative state plants, it spans 150cm x 150cm.

Cool and Quiet Operation: The passive cooling system, facilitated by a robust aluminum heatsink, ensures the panel remains silent and maintains a consistent temperature. This feature is particularly valuable for growers facing temperature challenges.

Commercial Grade Performance: With a maximum input wattage of 450W, this grow light is geared for commercial-level results, guaranteeing substantial yields.

Reliability and Warranty: Backed by a 5-year warranty, the 4Seasons 450W Quantum PAR LED Grow Light is a testament to its durability and reliability, offering peace of mind for growers.

Adjustable Hangers: The inclusion of adjustable hangers simplifies installation, allowing growers to position the light at the ideal height for their plants.

Cost-Effective Operation: Running this grow light for a 12-hour light cycle with an average energy cost of $0.26c/kW translates to a daily operating cost of just $1.24c on full power, making it a cost-effective solution for indoor cultivation.

The LED grow light now feature the ability to connect with the master controller. The master controller allows you to control multiple grow lights at once, making it easier to manage your indoor garden. With the master controller, you can adjust the intensity of the light, set timers, and even simulate sunrise and sunset to create the perfect environment for your plants, a great tool to have when multiple units are in use, or you like to have your grow space automated and hands free. Also, keep in mind, these units are now compatible with the AC INFINITY control system, via a TYPE-A adapter.

The 450w quantum PAR LED grow light from 4seasons is an excellent, cost effective choice for indoor gardeners who want to grow healthy and vibrant plants. With its high-quality diodes, algorithmically designed layout, and master control features, this grow light is a top-of-the-line option for any indoor gardening setup where growers are looking for consistent and reliable results without investing too heavily in order to get the full benefits of a LED grow light.