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Our LED Lights Shine Like The Sun

Buying our  LED grow lights online and setting them up in your grow tent is like letting the sun shine in. That might seem like a bit of a grand and overblown statement but technically, it’s very close to the truth.

Plants need sunlight to grow. In conditions where the sun doesn’t shine, such as your grow tent, it’s important that you replicate natural sunlight as best you can. Conventional lighting isn’t capable of doing that but our grow lights are. Here’s why.

LED Grow Light vs Regular Light: light spectrum 

Natural sunlight includes all spectrums, even beyond what we can see with the naked eye such as ultraviolet and infrared.

Our grow lights emit a light spectrum that replicates natural sunlight and can be used as a sole lighting source, or to complement existing light and promote healthy plant growth in indoor locations with low to no natural light.

However they’re used, these grow lights will help to create optimum conditions for all types of plants to thrive and provide the bare essentials that they need to grow. For example, every plant needs light for the process of photosynthesis to occur; photosynthesis is the chemical process in which light energy is converted within a plant to the energy that it can use to grow and produce. Our LED grow lights make this essential process possible.

Some people might tell you that regular lighting will work just as well and there’s no need to invest in LED grow lights. That couldn’t be further from the truth. For example, the light spectrum they provide is extremely narrow and probably won’t encompass what is required by most plants.

LED grow light vs regular light: heat producing 

Traditional lights also produce a lot of heat which is a recipe for disaster if they’re placed too close to the plants; on the other hand, LED grow lights remain cool enough to place near your plants which further promotes growth.

Don’t forget about photosynthesis! This vital chemical reaction is not supported by everyday lights. However, the process is possible through the use of our grow lights.

When natural sunlight is in short supply, or non-existent, LED grow lights fill the gap in the best possible way. So don’t be fooled into thinking that conventional lighting will do nature’s job when you need to throw some light onto your plants. Contact us at Herbal House and let’s sort you out with some LED lights that really do shine like the sun.