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Latest Grow Light Technology Offering More for Growers than Ever Before

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Growing plants with grow light technology used to be quite a complex undertaking. Not only did the equipment cost a lot of money, but it failed to deliver on cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and growth promotion. 

Fortunately, grow light technology has evolved at a rapid pace, which means growers can benefit in a range of ways. Read on to learn what you can expect now that you may not have had with inferior equipment before

grow light technology

High-Efficiency Diodes

4Seasons LED grow light technology utilises the latest in high-efficiency diodes.

  • Spectrum tailored for healthier yields and full-cycle propagation.
  • Balanced Blue wavelengths provide less stretch-inducing growth.
  • High levels of leaf penetrating Green wavelengths reach deeper down into the lower canopy.
  • UV levels entice higher trichome saturations. 

Less Heat

Higher efficiency means less heat, and less heat is very desirable over the warm seasons of indoor plant cultivation. Excessive heat is an issue every serious indoor grower will face if they haven’t tried a 4seasons LED grow light. 

Quiet Operation

One of the best things about grow lights of today is the deadly quiet operation. No fans, no noise, and a totally refined passive heat sink to keep your LED running cooler for many years to come.

Lighting Control

The dimmer control has been a game-changer. Save the hassle of lifting and lowering your lights every cycle or as plant growth takes off. Simply throttle back the intensity during the more sensitive stages of plant growth (cuttings/seedlings) or save on power during Vege Growth as the required DLI (daily light integral) is significantly lower. 

Innovative Glass Lenses

90-degree glass lenses give the LEDs that extra punch to reach higher PAR levels at the lower canopy. These lenses allow flexibility in any growing situation, from commercial to domestic. 

Removing the lenses suits more confined spaces, allowing the 4seasons grow light to get up close and personal with your favourite crops.

No Harmful Materials

Grow lights do not contain harmful lead, mercury, or gas filaments. 


Grow lights are durable. They do not contact a fragile glass bulb or moving parts that can break. 

Interesting Facts

  • Using LED lights over the next three decades in the US could save $500 billion in energy costs and prevent 1,600 million metric tons of carbon emissions.
  • LED grow lights can be placed close to a growing plant without causing damage as opposed to incandescent bulbs that release 90% of their energy as heat.