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How are LED grow lights made?

LED lighting is a much quicker acronym for ‘light produced through electro-luminescence'. Inside, there are two materials – N-type and P-type - which are filled with negatively charged electrons and positively charged holes which attract. When the negative electrons go to slot into the P-type gaps, they have to release energy to fit. And it’s this release of energy that creates the light. The intensity of the energy released will determine how bright the LED is.

When talking about different colored LEDs, the color depends on the conductive material used inside. With so much research and developments happening within the industry, LEDs can now be designed to match the light absorbance peaks needed for your plants. LEDs can emit red, far-red or blue during different periods of your plant’s growth cycle. Rather than emitting all colors at once, all the energy will be focused on producing the color needed at that time – so it’s much more efficient for your plants, and your bills.

LEDs as Grow Lights 

So that’s how LEDs are generally made. But to make it a little more complicated, LED grow lights are actually made up of up to 10 LED grow light parts, with each using at least one watt of power. Unlike standard lighting – where the more power they use, the higher light output – LEDs can actually be less efficient with higher power levels. In fact, using a 1W LED and a 3W LED doesn’t make a difference in terms of how much penetrative power your light has.

All you really need to remember is to never compare typically lighting with LEDs in terms of wattage. Because the lights simply don’t work the same.

Different Types of LED: COB vs SMD LED for growing 

There are two standard types of LED grow light: Surface Mount and COB LED grow lights.

What are surface mount LEDs?

Unsurprisingly, surface-mount LEDs are lights in which the semiconductor diodes are mounted onto a surface. Commonly referred to as LED chips, they’re usually soldered to a metal board to create the full grow light fixture.

Surface-mount LEDs are available in low, medium and high power. Medium power LED chips are generally the best for growers. They’re cost effective and have a decent lifespan with a power range up to 1W. Higher power LED chips have a longer lifespan and higher intensity but are a little more expensive.

Our recommendation to get the best efficiency, price and light intensity from a surface mount LED is the 450w Quantum Board or 200w Quantum board from 4seaon's range of LED grow lights. Ultra-efficient in comparison to HID lighting, Samsung diodes maximize growing potential by eliminating shadows around the whole plant with their specially designed Samsung LM301b diodes.

What does COB mean in lighting?

COB is short for chip-on-board. Essentially, this set up is where multiple LED chips – usually around 10 - are connected together to create a single unit. Our COB LED lights are from the LUMA series.