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the Benefits of different types of grow lights


The benefits of HPS grow lights 

  • Lumens

HPS lighting can be incredibly powerful. When it comes to lumens, these lights can provide more lumens than their CMH counterparts. As an example, a 1000w HPS bulb can emit 130,000 lumens, which is three times more than a CMH bulb. 

  • Flexibility

When setting up your grow space, there are a number of reflectors you can buy to optimize the light. For HPS bulbs, you can use air cool tube reflectors, single or double ended wings and cooling hoods. Unfortunately, when using CMH bulbs, there’s only a few reflectors available.

  • Light intensity

Light intensity of HPS grow lights can be boosted by using a double ended grow light. Even with two bulbs, HPS lights are often still pretty affordable and easy to find online. 

The benefits of CMH lighting 

  • Light spectrum

CMH bulbs have a wider spectrum than HPS lighting – providing better coverage for your plants. AS CMH have a high colour temperature, it means the can emit blue, red and white lighting that helps maximize efficiency throughout the whole plant cycle. 

  • Lower running temperature 

CMH bulbs have a major advantage over HPS lighting; they’re much cooler to run. The bulbs are slightly more expensive to set up, but they could potentially save you money in the warmer months as there will be less need for additional cooling systems. 

The benefits of single ended grow lights 

  • Lower heat output

Obviously, a single ended grow light creates less heat than those with two bulbs. This can be super helpful for small grow spaces as it makes it easier to manage the temperature of the room. 

  •  Ideal for small grow spaces 

As the light from a single ended grow light is gentler, the plants can be placed much nearer to the lights themselves. This means if you’re looking to make a small grow space in a closet or a small room, single ended lights are a great option. 

The benefits of double ended grow lights 

  • Higher heat threshold

Double ended grow lights obviously use two bulbs which means they produce a lot more heat. However, this means they’re specifically designed to be able handle higher temperatures. As such, double ended bulbs can produce much more light. At least 20,000 lumens more than a single ended light, in fact. 

  • More even light distribution 

Combining UV and IR lighting, double ended grow lights spread light evenly throughout the grow space, so they’re great for all phases of the growth cycle. 

  • Long lasting 

Double ended bulbs degrade at a much slower rate. Even if you used your lighting for 10,000 hours, the bulbs will still offer 90% of their original intensity. 

The benefits of LED grow lights 

  • Low maintenance 

LEDs are ideal for keeping your overhead costs low. With a massively long lifespan, bulbs can easily last a decade with constant use.

  • More efficient 

LEDs are actually the most efficient type of grow light on the market. They use the least power, and create the least heat. Meaning low bills for you, and a more consistent temperature for your grow space. 

  • Healthier plants

When using traditional grow lights, there is quite a lot of heat output, and sometimes, light burns a filament. All this extra burning and heat can easily dry your plants out, and they’ll start to need more energy and water to survive. 

LED lights allow you to optimize your plant’s growth without overwhelming it. These types of grow lights just aren’t as harsh on the plants as other options, so you’ll find yourself with easier to maintain plants, too! It’s a win win all round. 

Although there are benefits for using each type of grow light, some will work better for your space than others. If you need help finding the right grow light for your project, don’t hesitate to get in contact