4Seasons XP35 COB - PPFD Winner

Hey Everyone!

We are excited to announce the launch of the upcoming XP35 COB which is produced by 4Seasons and designed exclusively for the LUMA series LED Grow Light. The XP35 shares a few characteristics with the CXB3590 and was actually modelled off many of the USA Top-Tiers COB performance metrics with a slight variation on the given spectrum thanks to 4Seasons proprietary Phosphor Gel Coating. The XP35 has a light-emitting surface of 35mm and is built on German engineered aluminum board to allow for improved heat transfer from the COB to the heatsink, Top-tier BridgeLux diodes are then stitched on to the board before 4Seasons proprietary phosphor coating is applied, unknown to most but it is actually the coating that creates the particular spectrum given by the “white light COBs” each diode actually puts out blue light before passing through the gel phosphor layer. The XP35 has an output spectrum technically known as 3100k, this allows the COB to be heavily geared for a lush and prosperous flowering/fruiting cycle, however, the XP35 has slightly higher values of UV and 330 - 460nm meaning that the XP35 is also a strong contender for the Vegetettive cycle and is a true full spectrum Grow Light.

4Seasons XP35 @ 3100k CCT - See below for more details and in-depth test reports of the 4Seasons XP35 COB.

the LUMA series is one of the most efficient LED Grow Lights available and now featuring the 4Seasons XP35 COB, at only 48w per chip to maximize on peak PAR performance per watt consumed with minimal heat output. Featuring passive cooling heatsinks allows the LUMA to run completely silent while running nice and cool for long periods of time, having no fans also means increased reliability as we found that regardless of what brand internal fans were used they were prone to failure, temperature fluctuations & excessive noise as either moisture or air contaminants affected the internal bearing of the fan. 

The Luma also runs on 4Seasons designed XT Dimmable drivers for increased reliability and stability of output wattage as we found other brands showed small fluctuations in the output voltage after extended use, this caused the drivers to heat up excessively and reduce the life expectancy significantly.

LUMA is a high end panel with local technicians on call in Auckland to assist with questions, advice and repairs if need be. The LUMA range is the flagship panel from 4Seasons with thousands of New Zealanders making the move to the latest technology as well as Australia and now available in the USA.

We have already performed full PPFD analysis on all the LUMA series fitted with the new XP35 COB and have found significant increases in PAR output at lower wattage compared to other COBs available, we will be releasing a video with our analysis and a blog post to explain it all and run through our results so stay tuned.