4Seasons - Florists choice of Grow Light

We were approached by one of New Zealand's leading florists, The Botanists as they were looking at opening up another store in the heart of Queen Street, Auckland - just across the road from Aotearoa Centre, the beautifully structured space proudly displays their work of art throughout the store and really immerses you within their creative space. 

Now as amazing as this location is, it, unfortunately, it lacks any natural light other than that coming directly from the front door making the space excessively difficult to achieve the thriving plant life envisioned by the botanist.

We came to the conclusion that the 4Seasons LUMA 800 LED Grow Lights would be ideal to ensure the healthy growth of the plants as well as providing an efficient lighting solution for the store itself.


The LUMA 800 used for this project utilized the 4Season XP35 COB @3500k - This is the perfect colour temperature to facilitate prosperous plant growth through the Vegetative & Fruiting/Flowering stages of the plant life cycle, following the McCree Photosynthesis curve to a T. (Spectrum chart is shown below for reference)

The 4Seasons XP35 has a light-emitting surface area of 35mm and a total Lumen output of 15885.7 @ 84w and an impressive 222.25PPFD(mol/m2/s). The 4Seasons XP35 COB is constructed with high performing Bridgelux diodes stitched together on German engineered aluminium board allowing for highly efficient heat transfer to ensure optimum light conversion.

The LUMA 800 with the XP35 are powered by the new 4Seasons XV Dimmable Driver which run the COBs at their optimum efficiency of 52w per COB and total panel consumption of 208w. The emphasis on the 4Seasons XV Dimmable driver is to ensure the driver runs at a constant voltage & current without dipping or having heating issues like other drivers available as due to the high ceilings of The Botanists store reliability is a key factor as access to the Grow Lights is limited.

Almost a year on from this project and the LED Grow Lights are still performing at their peak and aiding the botanist to showcase their beautiful flowers for all to see.