4Seasons - LUMA 1200 LED Grow Light

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  • Replaces 600w/800w HPS/HID Equivalent to 2400w LED Grow Light from other brands.
  • 3500k CITIZEN GEN 6 CLU048 LED COBs
  • 1.5m x 1.5m Canopy Coverage
  • 1723 PAR umol @ 16"
  • 97CRI 
  • 350w Power Consumption at full power / 180w Consumption at half power
  • Exceeds 50,000 hours lifespan 
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 90degree Lenses with 92% light transmittance.

4Seasons have introduced the LUMA series lights to New Zealand, an LED that is on the forefront of innovative horticultural technology

The LUMA 1200 COB LED Grow Light has a flawless performance record for providing consistent lush results, featuring true full spectrum 3500k White Light COB LED Chips offering to maximise your growing potential. Its effective size and layout of the 90degree optical lenses give you an increased light penetration while also evenly spreading the light over a larger space than previously possible.

LUMA series features the world-renowned CITIZEN GEN 6 CLU048 LED COB, manufactured in Japan, Citizen engineers have brought these perfect white light chips to a domestic level, giving you the option for an LED Grow Light that excels in all aspects of growing. The output spectrum from the 3500k Citizen COB is a perfect landing for Veg growth and even better Flower growth and is an ideal replacement for a 600w HPS/HID in a 1.5m x 1.5m grow space.

LED Hydroponic Grow Light technology is proving to give consistently high-end results, efficient running costs and long term reliability. If your a classic long time HPS grower, this is worth considering the switch next time a ballast or bulb lets go. Lower thermal output is a huge saving grace over the warmer seasons of the year, essentially allowing you to run lighter extraction equipment saving you more power yet again. Providing you with the best all in one LED Grow Lights NZ has on offer.

These LED panel features high-flow double ball-bearing ventilation fans to ensure your panel runs at the optimal temperature after extended hours of use.


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