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How to Grow With Plant Grow Lights’

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HPS or Plant Grow Lights?

HPS Lighting

When it comes to this kind of light, the flower cultures’ development is in a tight connection with the canopy temperature and depth (18-24”). But it usually results in topheavy flower results.

LED Lighting

With Plant Grow Lights, this floral morphology is less “top heavy”, as flowers develop more evenly across the vertical crop profile, creating the opportunity for greater total yield.


This is measured by using PPFD (Photosynthesis Photon Flux Density) and DLI (Daily light Integral).


  • PPFD

    Used in order to see how much light the plant needs and receives anytime. It’s ostly used for indoor planting and is measured by micromoles per square meter per second μmol·m-2·s-1.

  • DLI

    An important variable to measure in every greenhouse because it influences plant growth, development, yield, and quality. Much like a rain basin, where PPFD would be individual drops, DLI is a daily measurement of the number of photons received in a grow area that can be utilized for photosynthesis. DLI is calculated by looking at total PPFD over a 24-hour period, and is measured in mol-m-2 -d-1.

How much will LEDs cost to run?

Cost per Day : $





You should experiment once in a while because no two plants are the samein order to find the best conditions for them

  • Propagation

    Plant Lighting for Vegetative Growth

    When your plants grow to an acceptable size, we suggest you transition your babies to your vegetative cycle area, in terms of your lighting we recommend starting at a quarter turn of your dimmer at approx. 40cm or if you have a PAR meter set your light to 200 μmol m-2 s-1 at first and slowly increase the intensity up to 550 μmol m-2 s-1 over 3 week period or to slightly above half way on your dimmer control.18 hours is the recommended photoperiod time at this stage.

How to Set Up Your New Plant Grow Light

  • Attention to detail is important during this stage so please take it slow andtreat the equipment with respect.

  • You’re gonna want to attach the hangers to your tent first, easiest way to dothis is to loop them around the roof pole as shown in the picture

  • Once you have completed the previous step give the hangers a tug to ensure they are securely installed before you connect your light.

  • Be careful when clipping the hangers to your light, they weigh a bit and yourtoes will not forgive you if one goes tumbling down towards them.

  • Now your light is securely set up in your tent, if you have the adjustable hangers then you can now adjust your light to approx 40cm above the top of your plants.

  • Use the tips and suggestions in the guide below to help with the overall running of your light, however, as a quick set up note for Vegetative Growthyou will want to run your light 40 cm above your plant on half power for the18hour cycle, moving across to your 12/12 flowering cycle you will just needto increase the intensity to full power over the span of 2 - 3 days to allowyour plants to adjust accordingly.

  • Remember all plants are different, so keep an eye on them to ensure they are reacting well to the amount of light they are receiving, the guide below will help.