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PAR-MAX400 is a known powerhouse LED Grow Light.



  • Dimensions: 56cm x 36cm
  • Rated Power Consumption : 365watts @ 230v
  • Beam Angle: 90 degrees
  • Weight: 9 Kg
  • 2 x CREE CXA-2540 + 126x Bridgelux 5w
  • Replaces 800W HID/HPS
  • Exclusive photosynthesis targeted full (13 band) spectrum
  • Low power consumption - Veg - 120W, Bloom - 235W, Full Cycle (Veg and bloom) - 355W
  • 2-Year Warranty

4Seasons Have created a seamless combination of powerful LED chips creating an unmatched grow engine, utilizing a combination of top-tier USA selected LED manufacturers CREE and BRIDGELUX performance chips. The SOLO range panels are a bold move into higher grow performance and quality returns.

Boasting Twin CREE-CXA2540 selected COB in 5000k CCT (Cool-White Light). This chip provides a broad wavelength supply with a preference for a fast and healthy vegetative growth stage. The White Light contains a combination of the visible spectrum, ensuring the plant is not missing out on valuable light wavelengths. These LED COBs are selected for their impressive versatility across all indoor horticulture situations and all growth stages.

Bridgelux 5watt LED diodes are clustered and stacked with 90-degree lens kits to push the light further and deeper into your canopy, at greater heights than LEDs before. Each cluster composes of Flower/Bloom focused diode selections. High concentrations of 660nm wavelength LEDs are an essential ingredient for active photosynthesis across the Flower/Bloom stage. PAR-MAX series combines high delivery 5-watt Bridgelux LED Chips in this targeted spectrum with additional supplement wavelengths touching on the plants' ideal photo-receptors.

Rated performance covers a 1.3m squared space at an elevation of up to 1.2m above the canopy. PAR values are impressive and hold higher canopy saturation over competing LED Grow Lights in Hydro and Horticulture across the USA.

  • Smart Toggle VEG & BLOOM Switching
  • Easy-Chain Piggy Back System For Simply Plugging In Additional Lights
  • Lens Focused LED Diodes Provide Second To None PAR Values
  • Cool & Calm Thermal Generation Keeps Environment Temps Under Control
  • Long Term Reliability Guaranteed With Warranty
  • Plug-N-Play Light Solutions ( No Ballasts, No External Transformers)

This multi-function LED Grow Light will replace both High-Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Lighting systems in a single unit, with no sacrifices in desired Ultra Violet and Infra Red Spectrum Indexes usually supplied by conventional HID growing methods. Providing you with the best all in one LED  Grow Lights NZ has on offer.

Clean, uncomplicated switch functions toggle between THREE desired growing scenarios.

  • VEG ON-
    Powers the Cree CXA2540 COB into action. Ideal light is produced to work across the early stages of plant growth (seedling/clones), right through to the end of your veg cycle.

    Activates the Bridgelux super flower clusters. These will carry your flower cycle start to harvest.

    A total collaboration of all wavelengths of light produced by the PAR-MAX 400.
    Generally used within the Flower/Bloom cycle to achieve better yields and plant photosynthesis.

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