Kanna Extract 20x Strength



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Sceletium Tortuosum (KANNA)
Extract 100:1 / 100x
country of origin: Namibia

Quantity per packet: 10 grams

 This excellent 20X Sceletium extract imparts a calm alertness & for some, a deeply relaxed state.  At lower amounts, an underlying vitality that motivates work or socializing can be felt.  Higher quantities may lead to deep relaxation and even meditative bliss.

This 100X extract has been reported to be active at 10mg, though each individual may respond differently.  As with all Sceletium products, start low and adjust accordingly; listen to your body.

Not many US vendors carry this high quality 100x extract. Get it here for a great introductory price. Fans of extracts will most definitely appreciate this end product.

As with all our raw products and extracts, this is full potency Sceletium not cut with anything else. You'll always receive 100% authentic Kanna from us.

Properties of 20x Kanna Extract

Mood Elevation:
Mental Focus:





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