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The Ideal Compact Plug-n-Play Hydroponic Grow Kit

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  • 60x60x160 Eclipse Grow Tent
  • 300w Single Chip LED Grow Light
  • 100mm x 500mm Pure Air Carbon Filter
  • 100mm Speed Adjustable Fan
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • Pair 1/8" Adjustable Rope Ratchets
  • 100mm x 10m Ducting
  • Hydro/Thermometer

This Hydroponic Starter Grow Kit provides a compact growing facility to work in confined spaces while giving you everything you need to have a healthy harvest.

The Grow Kit is packed with the highest quality equipment available. A superior Eclipse Tent will handle your plants with care and love, while the energy efficient high output 300w Single Chip LED Grow Light will take them from veg to bloom with ease.

A reliable and efficient ventilation system is key when working in a confined space. Pure Air Carbon Filter provides the cleanest air filtration solution while boasting an extended life expectancy to other brands.

Setting up the kit to suit-your-situation: The starter package can be entirely self-contained, keeping all equipment snug within the Eclipse Grow Tents Walls to save on all outside space. Or Alternatively placing the filter and fan externally to allow a plant to stretch out as much as possible. 



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