3600W COB Led Grow Light

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Commercial Grade LED Grow Light


This single panel offers enough full spectrum light to satisfy the largest of plants from seed to flower. If your considering a high quality light to supply only the best results then look no further, with no maintenance and easy installation the results will impress.

Led technology has reached the point where its proving to give you high end results, efficient run costs and long term reliability. If your a classic long time HPS grower, this is worth considering the switch next time a ballast or bulb lets go. Lower thermal output is a huge saving grace over the warmer seasons of the year, essentially allowing you to run lighter extraction equipment saving you more power yet again.

Featuring the latest Epistar COB LED Chips offering Full Spectrum - Red + Blue + UV + IR + White to maximise your growing potential. Its effective size and layout of the reflector cones gives you an increased lighting area with no compromise in effective light penetration.

The larger panel offers more light spread over an area of approx 2/3m2 depending on height, also featuring a switch to halve the light output should you require a little less intensity for the more delicate stages of growth. The 3600w COB can be comfortably lowered closer to the canopy than HPS/MH counter parts and offer no burning or bleaching. 

Low power consumption Is a must for any serious grower, not only is the power draw extremely low, the heat produced by the unit is minimal by comparison to other lighting methods. Where too much heat is an issue. Multiple panels can be daisy chained together for simple, efficient cable management.

The long life of the LEDs will ensure you get the full potential from your grow panel with ratings over 50,000 Hours

Herbal House LEDs come with 2 years of New Parts Warranty and around the clock customer service and technical support.


Power  Consumption:  530watts
Light Source: 12x 300w LED COB Chips
Body Material: Aluminium
Power Source: AC85-265v
Width: 48cm
Length: 33cm
Spectrum: 410nm-730nm
Power: 3600W
Power Consumption: About 550w
Switch: Double Switches
Net Weight: 8Kg



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