4Seasons - FS600

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4S - FS600 Panel Specs:

  • True Power Consumption: 400w
  • Dimension: 530x371x80mm
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Canopy Coverage:1.4m2 @ 50cm
  • Switches: Veg/Bloom
  • PAR (umol/m².s): 1210/50cm 
  • LUX: 41,000/50cm - 13,980/100cm
  • Lenses: 60/90/120 degree
  • Certification: CE RoHS


4Seasons have developed an efficient, durable, high output LED Growing Machine. These panels are engineered with hard work in mind, designed to run for longer periods of time in hotter conditions. 
Straightforward and simple Veg/Bloom toggle switching mounted on the panel for a fast, easy changeover.

The FS600 features a patented design housing while boasting colour focused cob variations, allowing you full complete control over the colour spectrum to intensify your plants growing ability. The Even spread of BridgeLux COB's are complimented with single diode combination chips ranging from BLUE-RED-WHITE-GREEN-ORANGE.
This powerful combination creates an extremely versatile LED Grow Light, able to handle domestic, commercial and industrial workloads. Working from seed to flower, the one light will do it all.

Cooling supply fans are top tier twin roller bearing construction. Careful thermal sink selection applies to every chip fitted on the panel, assisting in cooler, longer lasting LED chips.

The Focused Red & Blue LED compound offers all the light your plant could need, emphasis on the Red spectrum throughout the panel helps ensure flowering time is done right. 60/90/120 degree focus enhancing lens kits are mounted per chip, aiding in much deeper canopy penetration.

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