400w Digital Ballast

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The Lucius Maximus ballasts are setting benchmarks for digital ballast tech. If your going with a M.H bulb or H.P.S bulb this ballast will handle it. Dimmer knob function for added functionality to choose from %60-%80-%100 light output. Quality ballasts matched with high intensity bulbs is a tried and true method of growing just about anything with solid reliable results. Pairing a Lucius Digital Ballast with a quality bulb will see your best selected plants right through to harvest, with fruits to brag about.

Why Go Digital Ballast And Not Magnetic?
Straight out the gate is an efficiency increase over magnetic ballast technology by atleast %3-%4. This power saving adds up quickly if you run your equipment most of the year!
This step forward in efficiency has also reflected the overall weight and size of the unit, offering a smaller and lighter package compared to a magnetic ballast. Longer lasting components matched with lower heat output give you a great ballast to perform and regulate your bulb voltages with great precision, keeping your yields consistent and strong.

Input Voltage: 120v-240v AC
Input Freq: 50-60Hz
Dimmable: %60 - %80 - %100
Output Freq: 40KHz
Ambient Operating Temps: -30 to +50 C

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