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When it comes to growing tents in NZ, everyone has different requirements. Many people buy an indoor grow tent without knowing if it will do everything they want it to do. It doesn’t have to be this confusing. Herbal House specializes in hydroponic grow tents and we’ll help you choose the right one. If you’re after a grow tent in NZ, we should be the first people you call.

There’s everything to gain when you buy a grow tent from us. Our indoor grow tents are a year-round solution to raising seeds and tending to your plants until maturity. They’re made from fabrics with a reflective inner layer to make the most of your lighting source.  The reflection inside a grow tent ensures your plant foliage receives light from all directions. Vents and ports built into our grow tent designs provide ventilation and air circulation, and also make it easy to access the equipment you need to create a climate-controlled environment. Grow tents are also an effective way to keep your plants relatively free of pests and diseases. And because they’re available in various sizes, you can easily set up a tent in a spare room, your garage, or even in that empty closet space to bring your plants to life.

How to set up your grow room ventilation

10 Min : 58 Sec

How To Set Up Your Eclipse Grow Tent

12 Min : 50 Sec

How To Set up Your LUMA 400 LED Grow Light

14 Min : 05 Sec

How to set up your 4Seasons Quantum PAR LED Grow Light

9 Min : 31 Sec