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Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced plant grower, an indoor grow kit can be the answer to meeting your needs. Packaged as a one-stop-shop with everything for indoor plant growing, hydroponics kits include a range of items.

Herbal House Grow kits include a grow tent, LED grow lighting, Carbon filter, fan, clamps, thermometer/hydrometer, and hangers. Indoor space is often at a premium. You’ll find that indoor grow kits NZ vary in size, but often they will tuck nicely away into a corner of a small room, shed, and even a wardrobe. You can also pretty much utilize a grow kit anywhere, any time. The items included cover what is needed to create the right environmental conditions for healthy plant growth.

Because you have everything in one with hydroponics kits, you can propagate your plants all year round. No more waiting for the right season to plant your seeds and harvest specific crops or enjoy beautiful blooms

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