4Seasons - LUMA 400 LED Grow Light

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  • Equivalent to 600w LED Grow Light from other brands.
  • 3500k CITIZEN GEN 6 CLU048 LED COBs
  • 1m x 1m Canopy Coverage
  • 97CRI 
  • 120w Power Consumption at full power / 70w Consumption at half power
  • Exceeds 50,000 hours lifespan 
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 90degree Lenses with 92% light transmittance.
  • Removable Lenses

4Seasons Commercial Grow Lights have released the LUMA series to New Zealand, an exclusive LED Grow Light range to suit our requirements.
Leading class technology matched with new innovations reassures the end user with increased growth performance in any situation while significantly reducing heat output and power consumption.

For the first time grower or those looking to upgrade your current system, the LUMA400 Grow Light offers enough light to grow a recommended 1square meters of your finest. Very low heat is generated from the panel allowing you to control your temperatures with ease, even during those hotter months!

LUMA series features the world-renowned CITIZEN GEN 6 CLU048 LED COB, manufactured in Japan. Citizen engineers have brought these perfectly refined white light chips to a domestic level, giving you the option for an LED Grow Light that excels in all aspects of growing. The output spectrum from the 3500k Citizen COB is a perfect selection for faster, lavish growth during Vegetative cycles. While providing more emphasis on a prosperous Flower cycle. You can expect to see enhanced Fruit and Floral development, resulting in higher quality yields. Providing you with the best all in one LED Grow Lights NZ has on offer.

LED Horticulture technology is revolutionizing the commercial growing industry, solving many problems related to expensive running costs and excessive heat.

No ballasts needed or replacing of bulbs, the LED chips and internal components are expected to have a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours, keeping you and your garden thriving for years to come.



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