600W COB Led Grow Light

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The Right Size Light For The Everyday Home Grower

If you're in the market for a light to bring you healthy sized yields and low stress, then look no further. This easy installation 600w LED panel will offer only the best light your plant could need from seed to harvest.

For the first time grower or those looking to upgrade your current system, the 600w offers enough light to grow a recommended 1.5-square meters of your finest. Very low heat is generated from the panel allowing you to control your temperatures with ease!

Featuring the latest Epistar COB LED Chips offering Full Spectrum - Red + Blue + UV + IR + White to maximise your growing potential. Its effective size and layout of the reflector cones gives you an increased lighting area with no compromise in effective light penetration.

LED technology is revolutionizing the commercial growing industry, it's solved many problems related to expensive running costs and wasted light spectrum.
No expensive ballasts are required or replacing of bulbs, the chips are expected to have a very long life span, keeping you and your garden happy.
The Blue and Red Spectrum of light are the focus of the LED panel, these two light spectrum's are what your plant needs to ensure healthy growth from seed to harvest with no needed switching of bulbs or anything else.
The panel will work perfectly for both veg and flower states and has very low risk of damaging any close proximity vegetation for maximum grow space!

Low power consumption matched with incredible performance will provide consistent, quality results. 

This panel has the ability to switch off a bank of LEDs if less intensity is require extending it's capability to accommodate medium & larger size grow tents.

Power Consumption: 100watts
Power Source:
AC 85-265v

Light Source: 2x 300w COB LED Chips
Length: 31cm
Width: 17cm
Wattage: 600W
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Application: High Quality Plant Growth
Lighting Area: 1.5 Square Meters/1.5M



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