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How to install an oscillating fan in your grow tent and the 4 major benefits

When it comes to growing indoors, making sure you have an exhaust fan to replace the air in your space is one of the basic needs for your grow tent. In addition to this, an oscillating fan inside of the grow tent is also a great idea. They are super easy to set up and provide effective benefits to your grow space. In this blog post we will explain installing an oscillating fan and how it can benefit your grow room. 

The benefits of grow room oscillating fans 

These fans come in different sizes and install methods, however, they are all used for the same job providing air movement as Grow room oscillating fans. From Clip on oscillating fans that clamp to your grow tent pole. Oscillating wall fans and floor sitting/mounted fans. Each have their benefits, generally, small oscillating fan for grow tents are the most common go-to for indoor growers.

Providing gentle breeze

From the seedling stage, right through vegetative and bloom/flowering growth cycle, having grow room oscillating fans blowing a soft breeze over and/or under the plants is highly recommended. 

Providing a gentle rustle of simulated wind across the foliage and stems, being careful not to have the fan blowing directly at your plants causing wind burn or blowing them over entirely. This gentle breeze over your plants will create sturdier stalks and grow an overall much stronger, sturdier plant, replicating the soft winds that mother nature provides with more consistency and accuracy. 

Prevent heat stagnation

Oscillating fans also help with temperature control, or at least how your plants are coping in high temperature conditions. If your plant is kept in an environment that is too hot, it can severely affect your plants ( in a negative way, of course ).The added airflow around the plant helps prevent heat stagnating, meaning by way of natural perspiration there is cooling to be had. 

Avoid mold and mildew

How to lower humidity in a grow tent without a dehumidifier? Oscillating fans won’t lower the humidity as such, however, just like in hot conditions, it will help the plant cope. Using that extra airflow from something like a Pole Clip On Fan, prevents humidity from becoming condensation or settling on the plant is the goal when extreme humidity levels can’t be controlled, which is handy for those damper seasons. This will avoid things like mold and mildew taking hold and is very important for every grower to have a keen eye on if such things like pathogenic infection start to take place on your well-earned crop. 

Pest control

Pest control, many bugs and insects that plague our plants are wing based flying insects. The added airflow will certainly disrupt their breeding and feeding in your grow space.

How to use a grow room oscillating fan 

The idea is relatively simple, promote airflow around your plants without causing them stress. 

We find the best way to achieve good airflow is situating a fan above and below the plant canopy. The above fan is brushing air over the top of your plants, while the below fan is helping reach the lower areas beyond a dense plant canopy. This is why clip-on fans are the go-to solution, thanks to their installation convenience factor and simple adjustment to reach just about any area of your plant.

In certain situations, the fan can be directed to push air along the walls of your grow space, and not exactly directly at the plant. Causing air to “circulate” around and around within the space, helping with the overall effect.

By adding one or more oscillating fans into your growing space, it will offer significant benefits for your plants all year round. Along with an exhaust system, it will help ensure your grow space is kept at more comfortable levels for your plants.