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4Seasons HELIOS 800x LED Grow Light Walkthrough & PPFD Test

Helios 800x LED Grow Light NZ Review & Test

So the time has come that we finally get to talk about latest updates to our much loved and popular HELIOS X Series LED Grow Light available Online.

Keeping in mind that our current HELIOS X Series are currently used by thousands of home growers throughout New Zealand as well as CannaSouth  Cultivation Limited. We have worked with Cannasouth Cultivation for the past few years and our discussions with Cannasouth had led to the development design of the Helios in the first place, now the HELIOS X series is what they use inside their grow rooms at their facility as the sole source lighting for their sealed Grow Rooms.

We aimed to keep the basis of the Helios the same and improve where we could, these changes are focused on the structure of the panel, diode configuration as well as the driver set up has also been upgraded.

The structure of HELIOS X Series LED grow light 

Let's start with the structure.

As we have found with the Helios panel, dividing the structure up into multiple light emitting surfaces then spaces these apart helps to increase the light spread/coverage dramatically without excessive wattage increases, the (new gen) Helios stick with this principle even more so now with the (first gen) Helios 480x which was a 3 bar panel, now is divided into 6 bars, the overall panel size has gone from 79cm x 79cm to 85cm x 85cm (physical dimension).

The frame holding the bars in place is made of reinforced aluminum compared to powder coated steel of the previous generation, however the weight shed here is made up from the increase aluminum used in the 6 heatsinks to help better improve the heat dissipation from the panel, especially when run in low air flow or high ambient temperature environments.

The Helios 640x and 800x share the same dimensions being a whopping 110 x 110cm, the 640x features 6 light bars whereas the monstrous 800x runs an impressive 8 light bars. Installed on both aluminum end frames you’ll find mounting eyelets, this allows you to easily install and hang the LED with your grow space, securely with the adjustable hangers that come standard with the package, much the same as the previous generation.

The benefit of the new structure

The new structure is also aimed to make assembly a lot easier, rather than finger screws which held the previous generation heatsinks to the end frames we have custom built, snap-in mounting sockets which are fitted to the light bar and actually act as a power socket also, you simply need to click the bars into the frame which will complete the electrical circuit and allow them to run, this has also opened us up for future improvements of easy-to-swap custom spectrum light bars where the user can fit UV or IR specific bars to fully customize their Helios panel.

What’s the electrical changes in the Helios X Series LED grow light? 

Next up let’s discuss the electrical changes in the new Helios X Series

Now obviously first things first, the new Helios X series and its changes have already been broken down and fully tested to ensure they meet AS/NZ Electrical Safety standards, we have had them SAA certified as the ambient temperature for being approved in Australia is higher than NZ, this is obviously a must and unfortunately with many imported LED Grow Lights Online is not the case. With very questionable build qualities and safety concerns that simply are not worth the risk.

The changing on the grow light driver

As you know, we designed the previous Helios generation so each bar is powered by its own driver, this is great in terms of ensuring the entire light is built for redundancy if there was to be a fault, however it did mean excess wiring, more of componentry, meaning more potential components to fault (still very low odds), with the new generation we have consolidated the drivers to a Single, Master Driver per unit, we have then housed this driver in an aluminum housing that is suspended between the light bars, from our testing we have found the running temperature of the driver has reduced which results in a longer lasting driver, it also reduces the wiring and simply cleans up the presentation of the unit

We have retained very much the same formula in regards to spectrum (it has proven to work so very well), with some slight improvements. Of course, the core strength of the Samsung LM301b diodes is still present with a split between 3000k and 5000k with an increase in 660nm and 730nm ratios to see an increase in flowering performance. We are confident with how well these diodes perform and the overall combination has to offer from the Helios series LEDs as a whole.

The brand new design grow light dimming knob

As you may have noticed, the dimming knob on the driver box is also different to the previous generation, rather than having 0-100% dimming we have changed the dimmer to have different stages or steps ( 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% & RJ )

4Seasons HELIOS 800x LED Grow Light - knob and driver

(Dimming knob and driver for HELIOS 800x LED grow light)

The reason for this change is the reality that many of our customer don’t have an apogee PPFD measuring tool to measure the output of the LED to ensure they are giving their plants the correct PAR for their plant type & cycle they are in, although we do recommend these, they are expensive and most of the time not practical for the hobby home grower.

By having the Helios Dim in stages we are able to accurately show what PPFD map you will receive and be giving to your plants by setting your panel to the same setting at the same height, thus taking a lot of guesswork out of the equation and helping our growers get the most out of their panels.

The RJ option is referring to the 2x RJ-ports fitted to the driver housing on every LED, this port allows you to connect multiple panels (or daisy chain) to a single controller or LED dimmer.

The 4Seasons grow light controller 

For those who want more customization and are operating larger grows with multiple lights then we have good news for you.

RJ Compatible master controller is the next step for automation of your lights.

We have designed a master controller to work in conjunction with the new series 4Season LED Grow Lights and also with the new series HPS Lighting fixtures coming out soon. 

The master controller will allow you to have full control over your grow light and can control two separate groups of light all within the one controller.

The main features of the 4Seasons Master controller are daisy chaining up to 100 lights together, 0 - 100% dimming control, programmable timer control, sunrise and sunset features to better replicate the natural rising and lowering of the sun.